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Thomas A. Baur

Registration Court: Ulm
Registration number: HRB 730846
VAT No: DE813603607

1. Online Content

Theauthor assumes no responsibilityfor the topicality, correctness, completeness or qualityof the information provided. Liability claims against theauthor which referto damages of a materialor immaterial nature, which were caused by the useordisuse ofinformation offered caused or by the useof faulty and incompleteinformation are excluded in principle, insofar as thereis no demonstrably intentionalor grossly negligent fault on the part of the author. All offers are subject to change andnon-binding. The author expressly reservesthe rightto change partsof the pages orthe entire offer withoutseparate announcement,tosupplement, to deleteor to discontinue the publicationtemporarily or permanently.

2. References and Links

For direct or indirectreferences to externalInternetpages("links") which lie outside theresponsibility of the author, liability wouldonly apply in casesinwhich the author has knowledge ofthe contents andit would be technicallypossible and reasonable for himto prevent theuse of illegalcontent. The author thereforeexpressly declaresthat, at the time the link was set, thecorresponding linked pages werefree of illegal content. The authorhas no influence whatsoeveron the current andfuture design andcontents of the linked/connected pages. Therefore he herewith expressly dissociates himself from allcontents of all linked/connected pageswhich were changedafter the link was set. This statementapplies to all links and references set withinthe own Internet offeras well as toexternal entries inguest books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by the author. Liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially fordamages resultingfrom the use ordisuse of such offered information lies solely withthe provider of thepage to whichreference was made and not with the one whohas merely referred to the publication concerned by means of links.

3. Copyright and Trademark Law

In allpublications the author isanxious to consider the copyrights of theused graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, to use his own graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts orto resort to licence-free graphics, sound documents, videosequences and texts. Allbrand names and trademarksmentioned within the Internet offer and possiblyprotected by third partiesare unrestrictedly subject to the provisionsof applicable trademarklaw and the ownershiprights of the respectiveregistered owners. The meremention does notimplythat trademarks arenot protectedby third party rights!The copyright forany published material createdby the authorhimself remains solelywith the author of the pages. Any duplication oruse of such graphics, sound documents, video sequences andtexts in otherelectronic or printedpublications is notpermitted without the expresspermission of the author.

4. Data Protection

If, within theInternet offer,there is a possibilityof entering personal orbusiness data (e-mail addresses, names,addresses),the disclosure of thesedata by the user takes placeon an expresslyvoluntary basis. The use and paymentof all offeredservices are also permitted -if technically possible andreasonable -without specifying any such data or by specifying anonymizeddata or an alias.

5. Legal Validity of this Disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the Internet offer from which you were referred to this page. If parts or individualformulations of thistext donot, nolonger or do not completelycorrespond to the current legal situation, the remainingparts of the documentremain unaffectedin their contentand validity.

6. Design

Agentur Capeeshee
Stettenstrasse 8
D-86150 Augsburg

7. Programmierung, Umsetzung und Betrieb (Hosting)

Avamboo GmbH 
Bahnhofsallee 13a
D-86438 Kissing

Tel. 0 821 / 570 866 70 

Tel. 0 800 / 4040 0452

8. Technischer Support / IT Administration

Bucher Netzwerke GmbH
Ettishofer Straße 8
88250 Weingarten