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Less Plastic, better recyling

We have found ways to improve the recycling of packaging materials and at the same time reduce costs and storage volumes in the automotive sector.

In this case study, we show how to replace plastic parts of packaging with material better suited for recycling – and adaptable for more than one industry sector.


Reducing plastic Waste

Euwe Eugen Wexler, a major supplier of parts for cars, was searching for a solution that would allow it to simplify the recycling of packaging for automotive spare parts.

The outer packaging – the box and lid – were already made of corrugated cardboard. With our client, we set ourselves the challenge of optimising the packaging to make it even easier to recycle. We set out with our experts to create a highly efficient and recyclable packaging without the use of additional packaging types. With the identical material of the outer packaging: cardboard.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are playing an ever greater role – and with them the desire for alternatives to conventional packaging solutions. It was up to Servisbal - one of PackSynergy's members - to develop an innovative packaging solution in the industry sector to optimize and reduce the usage of plastic.








Simplify recycling of industrial packaging. Reduce the amount of plastic to 0% to optimize recycling processes.




Accurate packaging tailored to products: Dimensionally precise fixation and a eco-friendly combination of materials.




Not only safely protect the products but also save costs for storage and logistics by reducing the volume of packaging to a minimum and optimizing packaging efficiency.

Our experienced team of packaging specialists and designers carefully analysed Euwe Eugen Wexler’s packaging needs.

The goal was to invent a new, better and more sustainable packaging system that would safely protect the automotive products. We also worked hard to reduce warehousing and labour costs. By creating a new, high-quality and cost-effective packaging fixation, we also developed a new approach to further protect our customers’ products.


Recyclable packaging set

Together with our customer we created an individual, innovative and sustainable solution to meet their packaging needs.

The solution we came up with is a special and unique replacement of the plastic fixation with individually designed corrugated cardboard.


Efficient solutions

in sustainable design

The insert material with die cuts meets the main requirement – to replace plastic with corrugated cardboard. The inserts are delivered flat, making storage more space-saving than the original solution. Thanks to the interconnected layers, the inserts are joined to one another, thus greatly increasing the strength of the entire packaging.



✔ Eco-friendly plastic replacement (one-type packaging allows easy recycling)

✔ No more plastic abrasion

✔ Mutual interlacing and stability of the individual packaging layers




✔ Our client’s sophisticated and highly customized
industrial packaging solution means
80% less storage space is required

✔ That not only saves space but also cuts costs.

Want to start packing

your goods effectively?

The box itself is a given; what’s important is how you protect the goods inside it. The PackSynergy network and its partners specialize in creating quality, affordable and sustainable packaging fixation options that will protect all kinds of products.

Servisbal and PackSynergy’s 21 European members design your packaging solution with the most economical transportation and storage in mind.

In recent years, the pan-European network of packaging specialists has implemented numerous sophisticated technical solutions that achieve cost savings through their innovative design and long-term productivity improvements. The experts in our network interact closely to develop new problem-solving approaches for packaging.

Our customers have reduced their overall expenditure on packaging products, saved storage space and optimized packaging inventory.


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