Nöjd AB offers packaging and packaging solutions, primarily in transport packaging. We are a complete supplier and assist throughout the packaging chain from consumables through machines and service to warehousing. Today, Nöjd AB is one of Swedens leading independent wholesale companies in transport packaging and has a turnover of SEK 300 million.

About us

What really distinguishes and characterizes us in our industry is a genuine love for what we do. We never regret going to work. We are driven by our customer focus and have a high commitment – both professionally and personally.

We enjoy long partnerships in all our relationships; both customers and suppliers and employees tend to stay with us for a long time. We believe that is because we are always moving forward. We are constantly finding new kinds of solutions. We use the latest technology to create a better and more efficient process, so you get your products faster.

We are constantly looking for new types of packaging and packaging solutions that make our offer even better, so that you as a customer never even have to think about whether we can deliver. For that we can. Always.

We usually say that there are no problems that cannot be solved.


Many years ago we started offering our customers Speed Boxes. Now we have the widest range of sizes on stock and we have experience of how to help our customers reach a great un-boxing experience.

With Speed Boxes we also provide our customers with a solution that increase the packaging process, with a better ergonomic compared to tapeing the boxes.


We own our properties and this gives us a long-lasting security that we have appropriate premises for our operations


We belive in automation and are using it both ourselfs and also are implementing it for our customers.


Our Sales team is the most experience team on the market having more than 130 year together at Nöjd AB. This gives our customers an unbeatable consistency and personal relationships are built up together with our customers.


Christer Nöjd AB
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Phone: +46 171 46 80-00
„We create long
lasting relations
with personal commitment.“
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Thomas Nöjd
CEO Christer Nöjd AB
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