News from our partners STOK Emballage and H. Clausen AS in the PackSynergy network

On 23/01/2023, our partners STOK Emballage (Packaging), headquartered on Funen in Denmark, and H. Clausen AS, the 176-year-old, renowned Norwegian company, joined forces.

“We are constantly looking at new possibilities which is underlined by the many takeover’s we have successfully managed in Denmark during the last few years”, reports STOKs CEO and shareholder, Martin Frederiksen. He continues; “we are today a so called Full Line Supplier operating with both manufacturing and trade (today also Denmarks biggest Wholesale Operation within Packaging). With our activities on Greenland and in Denmark we do today operate under totally 52.000 sqm roof., when we do combine it all”, adds Frederiksen.

“Through our new co-owner, we now have access to a much wider range as well as many new great products that will strengthen our position in Norway. With the purchase, we get enormous expertise as well as long and broad experience within various industries”, says Kyrre Clausen, CEO of Clausen. He continues; “We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a significant player on the Norwegian market. With packaging machines, consumables, packaging solutions and our own service workshops, we look forward to tackling the future. H. Clausen AS continues in the future with the same name and the same fine people so that you as a partner will only notice benefits. Our salespeople will continue to work purposefully to offer the best solutions for exactly you and your needs within packaging solutions. This way, as a partner and customer, you get a good experience and an optimized product.”

Clausen and STOK met in 2018 through PackSynergy, the European packaging network. The merger is beneficial for both sides.

“We are today shareholder inside PackSynergy, reports STOKs Board Member inside all STOKs operational businesses and also Board Member inside PackSynergy”, Jens Sørensen. The PackSynergy cooperation does today operate with 22 Partners at more than 40 different sites in the European markets. “It was actually through PackSynergy we did come into close contact with H. Clausen”, adds Jens Sørensen. “From the open dialogue to closure it has been our pleasure to work solid and top constructive together with Kyrre Clausen”, concludes Sørensen. As a side remark Kyrre Clausen adds: “We are so excited about this thrilling combination. I’m looking forward to all this, looking forward to be in position to offer the industry, and our many loyal customers, a lot more = a much stronger/broader portfolio.”

We are delighted about the successful merger and wish our partners all the best on their new path together.