The Embamat Group revolutionizes the industrial packaging sector with the launch of this wooden packaging configuration tool.

In a constantly evolving market where customization and efficiency are key, the Embamat Group's configurator offers companies an outstanding solution to meet their specific packaging needs. This intuitive and easy‐to‐use tool allows customers to design and customize wooden packaging: wooden crates, pallets and custom‐made wooden pallet collars tailored to the exact dimensions and requirements of their products... 

The Embamat Group configurator offers a wide range of customization options, including size, qualities, strength and special characteristics. With an interactive and user‐friendly interface, users can visualize their customized packaging in real time, allowing them to get instant pricing and make adjustments and improvements as needed. 

The revolutionary tool not only streamlines the time required to obtain custom packaging, but offers a technical engineering solution by eliminating manual designs and quotations, giving customers and distributors a competitive advantage in a demanding market environment. "With the launch of this pioneering tool, we want to optimize work processes, provide 100% customized solutions and speed up deliveries, all of which are nowadays very important demands in our sector," says Esteve Amat, CEO of the Embamat Group. "This tool reflects our commitment to innovation and customization. We believe that industrial packaging should not be a standard solution, but a specific and adaptable response to the unique needs of each customer." 

The Embamat Group's wood packaging configurator for wooden crates, pallets and custom‐made wooden pallet collars is now available for use and can be accessed through the website 

Embamat Group is proud to provide companies with a state‐of‐the‐art packaging solution that will drive efficiency and customer satisfaction in the packaging industry. 

About the Embamat Group: 
With 90 years of experience, Grupo Embamat is a benchmark for industrial packaging in Catalonia. More than 1,500 customers from multiple sectors currently rely on them, and they have more than 75 employees dedicated to the different strategic lines in their facilities, which occupy 27,000 m2 exclusively destined to packaging. 
Its global service in packaging differentiates and positions the Embamat Group as a leading company, with three main lines of business: the manufacture and design of industrial packaging, the commercialization of packaging products and systems, and the industrial and logistics services that optimize all of the above. 
Their experience in the market, their constant commitment to innovation and the efficiency with which they develop each project, make the Embamat Group a highly valued partner in industrial packaging in Catalonia. 

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