PackSynergy network welcomes new partner in Denmark

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“I’m delighted that we’ve been able to win yet another strong partner for the Danish market”, says PackSynergy CEO Thomas A. Baur. Following the successful integration of new member companies in Southern and South-East Europe two years ago as well as newcomers Gigant (Austria) and Contimeta/ASM (Benelux and Sweden) earlier this year, PackSynergy remains on course for growth. KD Emballage is an outstanding supplier of packaging and packaging services in the Danish marketplace. Baur predicts that the company will add significant value to the PackSynergy Group with its expertise and solutions.  

KD Emballage is a Danish-owned, owner-managed trading company based in Herning. Established in 1980, the firm employs over 30 people and offers a broad, in-depth range of packaging products and services. Professionalism, experience, sustainability and a holistic understanding are key characteristics of this provider of customised packaging solutions.  

According to KD Emballage CEO Max Dalsgaard, “We’re joining PackSynergy above all to profit from the exchange of knowledge in an international network and gain deeper insights and valuable experience for our company”.  He is also looking forward to meeting colleagues from all over Europe and developing the network together. “We hope that PackSynergy will play an important role when it comes to facilitating knowledge exchange among network members as a driver of growth”, Dalsgaard continues. What’s more, PackSynergy brings Europe’s leading network of packaging wholesalers together with high-performance group suppliers. The CEO is confident that participation in this supplier programme will bring all manner of benefits.  

Baur emphasises that PackSynergy’s tangible competitive advantages are not restricted to an international supplier portfolio and a European sales platform but also include effective interaction and a vital community within the network. The transfer of know-how, further training and joint development work are high on the list of priorities at PackSynergy. Baur: “The Learning Academy provides opportunities for information and training in the form of best-practice examples, hands-on workshops and info sessions. We also seek the involvement of our suppliers and external specialists here.” He sees PackSynergy’s enduring popularity as a clear sign of the association’s standing as a network brand that provides mid-market packaging wholesalers all over Europe with a fundamental instrument for growth. “We connect local strength with international reach”, he adds.