Interview with Stefan Gehrke: Visions and challenges of Nette GmbH in the packaging sector

PackSynergy Interview mit Nette Geschäftsführer Stefan Gehrke

Nette GmbH, a traditional family business, has stood for expertise and innovation in the packaging sector since 1952. With five locations in Göttingen, Hamburg, Braunschweig, Erfurt and a central warehouse in Nempitz, over 140 dedicated employees work every day to focus on the needs of their customers. As a medium-sized company with an international industry network, Nette is always up to date with the latest innovations and trends. This company structure enables it to react quickly and flexibly to market trends and individual customer inquiries, as well as to solve new challenges in a practical manner.

In this interview, we have the pleasure of talking to Stefan Gehrke, the new Managing Director of Nette GmbH. He gives us an insight into his vision and the challenges that the company will face in the future. He also explains how the partnership with PackSynergy plays a central role in realizing these visions. Stefan Gehrke also talks about the importance of innovation and sustainability in the packaging industry and how Nette GmbH plans to further strengthen its environmental responsibility. Read on to find out more about the exciting future of this dynamic company.

Can you give us an insight into your vision and challenges for Nette GmbH? How do you see PackSynergy's role in realizing this vision?

Stefan Gehrke: "Nette GmbH has more than 70 years of expertise in packaging for the out-of-home market and for industrial partners. Sustainability is a high priority on our agenda and we have been working with reusable systems for some time. We see major challenges due to additional legal requirements (e.g. PPWR, EUDR etc.). These challenges affect the entire market and we are pleased to have Packsynergy as a strong partner at our side. With Packsynergy's consulting services, qualified pool of suppliers and the backing of its strong network, we will be able to implement the new requirements faster and more successfully and offer our customers better solutions."

Innovation plays an important role in many industries, especially in the packaging sector. What is your vision for Nette GmbH's innovation strategy? Are there specific areas in which you would like to drive forward new technologies or approaches?

Stefan Gehrke: "Our focus is on niche products and individual packaging solutions. We want to further expand our market position with our individual consulting expertise combined with storage and delivery logistics tailored to the customer. As a medium-sized supplier, we can provide our end customers with certified yet flexible, well-established processes to solve problems quickly and build on many years of market expertise when it comes to implementation."

Sustainability and environmental awareness are increasingly important issues for companies and consumers. What measures is Nette GmbH planning to strengthen its ecological responsibility?

Stefan Gehrke: "Sustainability has been an important driver for Nette GmbH for years. In addition to the aforementioned reusable packaging, we are working intensively on single-origin packaging, the continuous reduction of composite materials and general material savings, which we can reduce to a minimum with highly innovative products, e.g. when securing loads with stretch film, while maintaining consistently stable load securing. The use of packaging materials with a high proportion of recycled material, the most efficient and shortest possible delivery routes for optimal values in the CO2 balance of the packaging to be delivered will also play an increasingly important role in our company in the future."

We would like to thank Stefan Gehrke for the exciting interview and look forward to continuing to accompany Nette GmbH on its path to success!

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