A solution for every packaging problem: Partner Story

Committed  locally – delivery all over Europe: One of the important fundamentals of a successful European packaging network is for sure, that customers are convinced by the packaging competence of the partners – just as with Eggink. 
The aim of working together in the packaging network is to provide reliable, sustainable and innovative solutions to customers’ present and future requirements. The following article, published in NVC Special 2021 on 15th January 2021, focuses on the PackSynergy Partner Eggink verpakkingen in the Netherlands:

From standard packaging products directly from stock to innovative custom-made products; Eggink Verpakkingen always delivers. “We are an independent wholesaler, no matter what kind of material; we always look for the best solution. It could be a box, or a bag, or both. Or maybe something else”, says general manager Robert te Focht.

Eggink verpakkingen is the specialist in packaging for industry, retail and the food sector for more than sixty years now. Many standard packaging products are in stock and can always be delivered quickly. “The same goes for customer- as well as product-specific packaging.” The family business has offices (with showrooms) in Winterswijk and Enschede and supplies customers in the entire Benelux and just across the border in  Germany. For industrial packaging, the company focuses on the Eastern Netherlands. 

Developing new solutions
If Eggink verpakkingen doesn’t have the requested solution, the packaging specialists of the company will develop it. Te Focht: "We are always up-to-date about what new developments take place in the market and at our suppliers. And they know that we like to market new products.” 
Customers know, that they have to go to Eggink, if they want something new, says te Focht without bragging. 

Special folding technique
Te Focht cites a large electronics company, that produces shop security gates as an example. “Those gates have different lengths and widths and the costumer wanted one outer box. We came up with a box with a special folding technique, that allows you to place the different tubes in a different way each time. To prevent the cardboard from scratching the glass, we have applied a bio-degradable foil. Thanks to this folding  technique, no staples are needed.”

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic, says the general manager. “The offer is growing and we follow this trend, for example with biodegradable and compostable bags. There are many possibilities, but we don’t lose sight of reality. For the time being, traditional materials are still needed.” Eggink minimalizes its own environmental impact with a shredder. The machine recycles cardboard residual materials and turns them into stuffing material. “In this way we take several small steps to more sustainable way or working.” Eggink also supplies shredders to its customers, if desired. 

As only Dutch packaging wholesaler, Eggink is a member of the European partnership PackSynergy. Sharing knowledge is an important factor within PackSynergy, says purchaser Gérald Winkelhorst: “As an example German packaging companies are strong in the automotive industry. Suppose we need packaging for corrosion protection. Then, we can quickly and easily consult our German colleagues for the best possible option  without having to reinvent the wheel.” Winkelhorst emphasizes that there is no ‘truck system’. We are independent in our choices for the best solution. We do, however, offer our own brand of materials through PackSynergy.”

Total supplier
Food and retail packaging are the roots of the company and although industrial packaging is the largest segment today, Eggink is still strong in retail and food. “We are a total supplier. That is an advantage for the customer, even if they are only active in one of our segments. Suppose an industrial customer needs a specific – deviating- packaging, we may use a food or retail packaging. We have specialists in industry, retail and food. We discuss this issue together and always come up with something useful. That’s how we make the difference.”

Design department
Customers can have all packaging materials, from tape and labels to carrier bags and boxes, designed according to their own wishes. For this, Eggink has an own design department that personalizes the packaging and guides the customer in that process. Winkelhorst: “And if there is no design yet, we help the customer. Our customers often ask us for advice and we are happy to help them. We come up with ideas, make good proposals and always respond quickly.” Te Focht: “We are a serious partner, offer a high level of service and deliver quickly and efficiently. Offering the customer the best solution, always comes first. Broad knowledge, extensive service and our partnership in PackSynergy linked to our down-to earth mentality, that’s how we make the difference.”

Source: NVC Special 2021, 15. January 2021