New Supervisory Board Chairman for the PackSynergy network

Thomas Nöjd, owner and CEO of Swedish member company Christer Nöjd AB, took over as Chairman of the PackSynergy network’s Supervisory Board on 15 June 2021. Nöjd succeeds Thomas Horna, who has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board after six years in office. As Europe’s strongest network of mid-market, owner-managed packaging wholesalers, PackSynergy and its 21 member companies at more than 40 different sites connect markets in 21 European countries.


Thomas A. Baur, CEO of PackSynergy, thanked Thomas Horna for six highly successful years as Chairman of the PackSynergy network’s Supervisory Board: “As owner and CEO of HORNA GmbH Verpackungen, Thomas Horna has contributed significantly to our network’s success. Back in 1998, he was among the visionary SMEs from the packaging industry who co-founded a network which has meanwhile developed into Europe’s leading association of packaging providers. Over the last six years as Supervisory Board Chairman, he has been a driving force behind our success.”


Thomas Nöjd

Thomas Nöjd, CEO and owner of the Swedish Christer Nöjd AB, has been elected by the PackSynergy Supervisory Board as its new Chairman. “Thomas Nöjd and his company have already been a strong partner of ours since 2013. In 2004, he took over as CEO from his father, who set up the business in 1982. Today, Christer Nöjd AB is one of Sweden’s premier packaging suppliers. Thomas Nöjd is an innovative and hugely successful packaging specialist – and the ideal candidate for this responsible job in the PackSynergy network. We’re looking forward to continuing on our successful path under his leadership”, said PackSynergy CEO Baur.




About PackSynergy

As Europe’s leading network of mid-market, owner-managed packaging wholesalers, PackSynergy combines the strength of 21 local champions at some 40 different sites in 21 European countries. The enterprises belonging to the PackSynergy network supply innovative packaging materials and technology for industry, commerce and to-go catering. PackSynergy gives international customers and suppliers cross-border access to locations and markets throughout the European continent under a strong brand. At the same time, the expanded network of PackSynergy members with suppliers and industry partners results in a significant pool of knowledge and a think tank for the industry.