Shipping bags

At Logimat 2023



  • application training
  • cost optimization
  • fast delivery times

Shipping bag made of recycled material


  • Made of post-consumer recycled material
  • Can be configured individually
  • Single or double closure with permanent seal
  • The ideal solution for returns
  • Up to 8-colour flexo half tone printing
  • CO2-neutral
  • Made for recycling certificate from interseroh with rating "very good"
  • Made in Germany

Document bag


  • Pocket body made of 100% polyethylene (almost 100% PCR material)
  • On request with FSC-certified® protective paper
  • Climate neutral
  • Part of closed loop recycling
Product Description Material Colour Dimensions Thickness of film
Mailing bags made with film in Blue Angel quality Environmentally friendly PCR – LDPE film Up to 8 colours flexo half tone printing Standard: A4, B4, C5, C4 (Tolerance ± 5 mm) From 100 x 150 mm to 400 x 800 mm intermediate sizes possible From 50 to 140 my
Self-adhesive document pouch 100% polyethylene + backing paper FSC certified Standard red with black print 4-colour printing possible DIN C7, C6 / LD, C5, C4 (Tolerance ± 5 mm)  
  • One-piece "All-In-One" packaging

  • Fast and safe fixing of the packaged goods

  • No additional filling material necessary

  • Saving of storage space due to flat delivery

  • Particularly environmentally friendly due to the use of crepe paper

  • Can be 100% fed into the paper recycling cycle

  • Low dead weight

  • Rational handling

Product Description Material Colour Dimensions Corrugated
Shipping bag with crepe fixation Corrugated cardboard and crepe paper Brown DIN C6 Internal dimensions: 160 x 120 x 0-40 mm 1.50 B-Flute
      Overall dimensions: 178 x 132 x 60mm