PackSynergy: From a purchasing cooperative to a European brand


In the meantime, 20 regional market leaders from the packaging industry in 19 European countries cooperate under the PackSynergy brand. The declared aim: to provide a strong counterbalance to global players and address the challenges of tomorrow’s globalized world with a clear growth strategy. PackSynergy, which claims to be “Europe’s leading packaging network” with annual turnover exceeding 400 million euros, now not only has a completely revamped brand identity including a new website but also specifically supports ambitious innovation and sustainability projects.


A glance at the figures suffices to spot the principal difference compared to classic industry associations: both membership and turnover are growing significantly faster than is the case with other, similar purchasing cooperatives. “We’re pursuing a very clear growth strategy with PackSynergy”, confirms CEO Thomas A. Baur. Yet growth is not an end in itself – it’s a vital necessity in order to stay competitive as a network of mid-market companies in a globalized economy. “By 2025”, Baur continues, “we want at least one PackSynergy partner in each economically significant country in Europe to be playing an active role as a market architect”. At the same time, in the search for new partners, he sets great store by a compatible corporate culture and key performance indicators.


From values to brand

Every potential member has to fit in with the network, complement the existing membership and contribute capabilities, knowledge and local strength. All PackSynergy members are united by common values which ensure that business leaders can meet each other at eye level. Thomas Horna, Chairman of the PackSynergy Supervisory Board and Managing Director of Horna GmbH Verpackungen, puts them in a nutshell: “Authenticity and integrity, trust and partnership, professionalism and experience. Those are the key pillars of our collaboration.” In return, members profit not only from access to strategic group purchasing terms but also from an actively fostered knowledge and innovation exchange coupled with the new, pan-European brand identity. Internally, “The New PackSynergy” places the success strategy on a reliable footing while externally, it creates visibility and recognition value beyond national borders. It establishes a solid basis for “PackSynergy to penetrate markets throughout Europe”. The fresh brand identity, new product design for the private label and simultaneous launch of a new website ( provide a foretaste of the group’s other goals: to continue growing as a valuable, pan-European brand that paves the way for each individual member’s sustained business success.


Strong connections for a secure future

This is the firm conviction of CEO Baur, who chooses the following words to sum up the essence of Europe’s biggest packaging network: “Together we harness the power of a strong group to build a vital, high-performance network of members, group suppliers and customers."  The aim is to make an active contribution to members’ future security while delivering a service promise to customers throughout Europe and gaining access to sales markets for group suppliers. Group suppliers are thought to hold the greatest potential for further growth with products under the association’s strong private label and an intensified transfer of know-how in the field of innovation.


Strong thanks to innovation and sustainability

Probably the most pressing challenge for European SMEs in the face of global competition is improving their ability to innovate. PackSynergy acts as a catalyst for change here, starting with the digitalization of everyday processes: “Virtual warehousing in the network is increasingly becoming the norm”, explains Thomas Nöjd, Managing Director of PackSynergy’s Swedish partner Christer Nöjd AB. All information on products and inventories is available online to every member whenever they need it. Digital platforms are already gaining ground rapidly today for the development, purchase and production of packaging solutions. Parallel to this, a virtual training centre is being set up with easy access to training and continuing professional development opportunities. “The know-how which exists within the group will become accessible to all members. Innovations can be developed and got onto the road, as it were, quickly and flexibly in this way and adapted to practical needs.” Apart from saving money, this will help turn tried and tested solutions into viable options faster and for a broader target group. In the hard-fought packaging market that is an immense advantage. So what is the next goal on the agenda? To make packaging solutions more environmentally sustainable – across the board. CEO Thomas A. Baur positions PackSynergy unmistakably at the forefront here: “Sustainability is part of our claim to leadership”.





PACKSYNERGY.COM: New website online

The relaunched PackSynergy website provides interactive and user-friendly information on PackSynergy members, membership options, innovative products and the private label.  The European network’s new digital look reflects the association’s modern philosophy and values. In the future, the website will also serve as a platform for relevant industry news and content from both member companies and group suppliers..



About PackSynergy

As Europe’s leading network of mid-market, owner-managed packaging wholesalers, PackSynergy combines the strength of 20 local champions at some 40 different sites. The enterprises belonging to the PackSynergy network supply innovative packaging materials and technology for industry, commerce and to-go catering. PackSynergy gives international customers and suppliers cross-border access to locations and markets throughout the European continent under a strong brand. At the same time, the expanded network of PackSynergy members with suppliers and industry partners results in a significant pool of knowledge and a think tank for the industry.