PackSynergy network continues to grow

The European packaging network acquired a new member on January 1st, 2023. Gigant Verpackungstechnik GmbH is the latest market-leading packaging supplier to join the PackSynergy Group. Gigant has its headquarters in Vienna and a sales office in Linz. 

PackSynergy’s steady growth continues unbroken. Following the successful integration of new member companies in Southern and South-East Europe just over a year ago, the network is now strengthening its position in Austria with Gigant. “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to win yet another partner in this key market, giving us direct access to our partner countries from Slovenia to Greece”, says PackSynergy CEO Thomas A. Baur.  The first talks with joint Managing Directors Dr. Roland Konrad and Reinhard Schödlbauer confirmed that – thanks to its strong position in the market and openness to collaboration – Gigant can expect to generate significant benefits for its development activities by engaging in cooperative procurement. “They’ll also be making a valuable contribution to our network”, Baur adds.

Gigant is a product, transport and protective packaging specialist with a successful 90-year history ( The name stands for a variety of high-quality, sustainable packaging articles – both machines and materials – covering a very wide range. The firm also offers smart solutions for cartoning, strapping, wrapping, shrinking, banding, gluing and palletising. “Gigant is a modern company with a rich tradition that specialised in automation at a very early stage”, the PackSynergy CEO continues. In the meantime, automation is a major trend and an important success factor in the packaging industry.

According to the two Managing Directors, being part of a network in which you can share highly specific information without having to fear competition is a big asset for Gigant, and it was this that motivated them to become a partner. “PackSynergy is an excellent opportunity for us to look beyond the horizons of our own domestic market, exchange ideas and knowledge with colleagues, learn from their experiences and at the same time make our own expertise available to others”, Konrad explains.

Baur emphasises that PackSynergy’s tangible competitive advantages are not restricted to the European sales platform and the substantial purchasing benefits but specifically also include interaction within the network: “The transfer of know-how, further training and joint development work are high on the list of priorities at PackSynergy. Our Learning Academy provides opportunities for information and training in the form of best-practice examples, hands-on workshops and info sessions. We also seek the involvement of our suppliers and external specialists here.” He sees PackSynergy’s enduring popularity as a clear sign of the association’s standing as a network brand that gives mid-market wholesalers all over Europe a fundamental instrument for growth. “PackSynergy combines regional strength and expertise with a growing European presence and international experience”, Baur comments in conclusion.

About PackSynergy

As Europe’s leading network of mid-market, owner-managed packaging wholesalers, PackSynergy combines the strength of 22 local champions – including Gigant – at more than 40 different sites in European markets. The enterprises belonging to the PackSynergy network supply innovative packaging materials and technology for industry, commerce and to-go catering. PackSynergy gives international customers and suppliers cross-border access to locations and markets throughout the European continent under a strong brand. At the same time, the expanded network of PackSynergy members with suppliers and industry partners results in a significant pool of knowledge and a think tank for the industry.