The PackSynergy network is expanding into South-East Europe, reaching out into Greece and Bulgaria

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On 1 June 2021, PackSynergy – Europe’s strongest network of mid-market, owner-managed packaging wholesalers – was extended with two new markets. Through its newest partner, VAMVACAS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SA, this network of regional market leaders is now also reaching out into Greece and Bulgaria, underlining its unique position on the continent. In the meantime, the PackSynergy network and its 21 member companies at more than 40 different sites connect markets in 21 European countries.

PackSynergy’s steady growth continues unbroken. Following the successful integration of new member companies in Central, Northern and North-East Europe, the network is now also expanding into Southern and South-East Europe. For PackSynergy CEO Thomas A. Baur, this enduring popularity is “a clear sign that PackSynergy is a network brand that provides mid-market wholesalers all over Europe with a fundamental instrument for growth.

Vamvacas – the newest partner

Baur is confident that the network’s newest member, Vamvacas of Greece, will strengthen its portfolio and expertise in a whole series of product areas. “Vamvacas has been serving the Greek market successfully for more than 85 years now, and is also active in Cyprus, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and the Balkan states. It’s a family business that’s meanwhile in the hands of the third generation with an extensive, high-calibre portfolio that also includes machinery, packaging lines and integrated packaging systems alongside actual packaging and packaging materials. Vamvacas is a regional market leader with international operations: with its headquarters in Piraeus and 5 facilities throughout Greece, the firm is known for its experience, expertise and close contacts in the European business community. As an innovative and successful mid-market company, they’re a perfect fit for our network”, Baur comments. 

A network with big benefits

“There are about 160 experts in our team”, says Yagos Vamvacas, CEO of Vamvacas. “They include mechanical, robotics and automation engineers as well as Masters of Business Administration. We have numerous certifications, for instance ISO 9001: 2015 and SEDEX SMETA. The focus in our packaging segment is on end of line machinery, food packaging and e-commerce. Quality takes precedence over price at Vamvacas. Expertise, quality and reliability are our core values. Our work is customer and service-centric. For example, for every machine in our portfolio we also offer maintenance to match plus spare parts if required. One of the biggest benefits for us of the partnership in the PackSynergy network is the ability to share ideas and experiences and transfer know-how. PackSynergy is a chance to take part in a trustful exchange with a great many experts, specialists and colleagues at once. We’re looking forward to new ideas, alternative perspectives and well-grounded experience.”

PackSynergy – a European network brand

The PackSynergy CEO Thomas A. Baur emphasises that “PackSynergy combines regional strength and expertise with a growing European presence and international experience. Not only can we offer our customers a product portfolio providing unparalleled specialization and diversity as a result. They and our suppliers can additionally capitalize on the opportunities and potential of 21 European markets. Day-to-day practice and the successes of recent years are confirmation that the PackSynergy model makes sound economic sense for all sides. I’m confident that Vamvacas won’t be the last hub to join our European network.”