Eggink Verpakkingen from the Netherlands existed 65 years

In 2021 Eggink Verpakkingen existed 65 years, an anniversary we are all proud of! At the same time, a company takeover has also taken place: Robert te Focht is the new owner of Eggink Verpakkingen.

This family business was founded in 1956 by Wim Eggink and has since developed into a wholesaler with branches in Winterswijk and Enschede. The company has experienced tremendous growth, in which the successor Dinant Eggink and his wife Alice have participated since 1981. To continue this growth and to continue working towards a good future, Robert te Focht has taken over Eggink Verpakkingen together with his wife Mariët te Focht.

Robert te Focht started in 2009 as Head of Industrial Packaging and has been Managing Director and shareholder for several years. Robert te Focht is also a familiar face for Eggink Packaging's relationships within the industrial sector. "As a major player in the current packaging market, with customers in the Benelux and Germany, there are still many great opportunities for Eggink Verpakkingen. There are still countless ideas in our product development department and we are working on innovations that we want to implement and bring to market together with our suppliers. This gives us a lot of energy and a lot of confidence in the future of Eggink Verpakkingen," says Robert. With this acquisition we are laying the foundation for 75 years of Eggink Packaging. (Text: Team Eggink Verpakkingen)