PackSynergy, how it all began

25 years of Packsynergy: a look back at our success story

This year we celebrate a remarkable anniversary – 25 years of Packsynergy. But our journey actually began a little earlier. 30 years ago, the initial idea of a network of packaging companies was born when the managing director of Horna Verpackungen GmbH and current COB Thomas Horna asked himself whether it was still appropriate to act alone in the market.

In response to this groundbreaking question, he dared to go against all the conventions of the time and take a step that laid the foundation for our future as Packsynergy AG.

The goal at the time was simple: to achieve a purchasing advantage through the joint purchase of stretch film.

But more grew out of this initial initiative - a deep trust between the companies involved and the first recognition of the benefits of cooperation at managing director level.

After five years, the original idea became a concrete concept for a regional network of partners in the packaging industry. Among others, the still strong partners of our network Horna Verpackungen GmbH, Kopp Verpackungen GmbH and Wepa Verpackungen GmbH officially founded the then "Packpartner GmbH". This was renamed "Packsynergy" shortly afterwards - a name that still perfectly reflects our cooperation philosophy today, as our network thrives on trusting exchanges and the synergies that arise from them.

The cooperation was no longer limited to the joint purchase of products. Rather, a confidential exchange established itself at the managing director level. Every 6-8 weeks, the then members
met to jointly tackle challenges, drive innovation and develop visions.

As the number of members grew, it became clear that it was time to grow beyond the German borders.

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Thomas Horna
CEO Horna Verpackungen GmbH &
Co-founder PackSynergy AG


The entry of Servisbal Obaly s.r.o. marked not only our entry into the European market, but the beginning of our internationalization throughout Europe.

The transformation into a joint stock company (AG) allowed us to pursue our mission more efficiently and to further expand our network. As time went by, Packsynergy's team also grew and the exchange between its members was no longer limited to the managing directors, but long ago extended to all other departments.

In particular, our CEO Thomas A. Baur still plays an important role in the success story of Packsynergy AG. Under his visionary leadership, we always maintained the right course. We managed the stock and at the same time we strove visionarily into the future.
We have accomplished much since our official founding 25 years ago. We are proud of our history and look forward to the years ahead as we continue to work together successfully. Packsynergy is a strong community of members working together on a trusting level to achieve economic benefits, but also to learn and grow from each other.

We thank all of our members, partners and supporters who have made this amazing journey possible.

Personal words from Mr. Baur on the occasion of the 25th anniversary:

It is an pleasure and honor for me to celebrate the 25th anniversary of PACKSYNERGY AG together with our partners and their employees.

In these 25 years, we have not only steadily grown and developed as a network, but we have also remained true to our fundamental values. Authenticity, trust, professionalism and independence form the foundation of our success. These values made it possible for us to establish ourselves as a network in the market and to offer each partner the greatest possible benefit from their membership and Europe-wide connections.

Today, we can proudly say that the PACKSYNERGY network is a unique packaging network with currently 22 market-leading companies in 21 countries. With a strong presence in the European market, cross-border opportunities open up for our partners. The international exchange of knowledge among each other enables companies to drive innovation and continuously develop their know-how.   

The future belongs to companies that are networked alongside their own strong market position. Strategic networking opens up opportunities and competitive advantages that will be decisive in future market developments.   

From this we derive our mission for the future:   

  • To offer added value to our existing partners and shareholders, and in particular to every employee.   

  • To interest strong trading companies in Europe to become partners in our valuable network and thus part of a strong community.  

  • To cooperate with important national and international industries and create win-win situations.   

PackSynergy is the future!

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PackSynergy, that´s what we are



The PackSynergy network is growing all the time and we currently have 21 local champions. Thanks to our strong presence in 21 European markets, our partners can capitalize on opportunities across national borders and actively benefit from the mutual exchange of knowledge.

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