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ASM is a total supplier within transport packaging and fastening technology. The company has been active in the packaging industry since the 1980s. Since then, we have built a strong organization with extensive experience and knowledge within the industry.

ASM has long-lasting customer relationships. We strive for high quality and flexibility, short delivery times, excellent service, and a broad and up-to-date product range. We work with both national and international suppliers, which allows us to deliver the right quality at the right price. ASM covers the entire Sweden with its headquarters/warehouse in Malmö, as well as sales offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Småland, and Norrland.




As a service partner and total supplier, ASM specifically targets customers who prioritize effective and uninterrupted production processes. This is one of the reasons why we deliver reliable packaging machines, tools, and consumables and offer the possibility of ordering tailored machines that meet customers' unique needs. A wide range of machines and consumables can be delivered directly from our warehouse. Our product range includes machines and consumables within stretch wrapping, strapping, shrink wrapping and case sealing as well as tools for stapling, nailing and glueing. 


Our product specialists are happy to assist you in finding the right (customized) solution according to your needs and preferences.


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