Sustainable stretch film savings with the PackSynergy app.

Since April 2020, the Knowledge Management group "Stretch Film" with experts from the member companies STOK, Samuel Grant, TEOL and SOMI has been working intensively on the implementation of a new App for a more efficient calculation of Stretch Film. The App is the first successfully developed product of the PackSynergy group which was realized by a purely digital working project group. Access to the app is exclusive to PackSynergy members.

The App was especially developed for the sales staff of the partner companies. All participating members receive a reliable tool for daily use to hold more effective conversations with their customers. The App complements the current sustainability strategy of the network: It is designed to reduce plastic usage and helps companies to act more environmentally friendly by reducing CO2 emissions. Customers of the partner companies will furthermore benefit from significant cost savings by using material more effectively.

With the help of the PackSynergy App, member companies differentiate themselves more strongly from the competition and strengthen their own market position.

PackSynergy thanks all participating member companies for the successful completion of the project.