From Local to Global – Europe-Wide Packaging Sales Network | PackSynergy AG

The book "Vertriebskompendium" contains concentrated knowledge in sales from experts. Various authors describe strategies and success factors on core topics in sales and convey valuable experiences and learning effects from practice. Sales professionals in all sectors will benefit from this comprehensive overview of tried and tested solutions.

Thomas A. Baur, CEO at PackSynergy, has written an article in this book, together with Philipp Lahl (not worked at PS since 07/2021), about Europe-wide packaging distribution as we develop and practice it in PackSynergy's leading European packaging network. With these and many other interesting topics, this impressive work bundles concentrated knowledge in distribution. 

The book will be available in German from November 2021. If you want to read his unabridged article, you can read the English translation here: "From Local to Global – Europe-Wide Packaging Sales Network"