New Horizons with PackSynergy Learning Academy: Investing in Knowledge and Success

Feedback from Ajda Lesjak, Managing Director EDIT d.o.o.

The PackSynergy Learning Academy opens up a world of possibilities for our partners. Through regular training sessions, we provide a versatile platform for further education and team development. We take pride in offering our partners innovative tools and resources to expand their skills and enhance their success.

Our Learning Academy is more than just a training platform - it's an engine for innovation, collaboration, and growth. We look forward to continuing to explore the boundaries of knowledge together with our partners and finding new ways to enhance the success of our joint endeavors.

Recently, we received valuable feedback from Ajda Lesjak, Managing Director of EDIT d.o.o., a valued member of our PackSynergy network. Ajda shared her impressions of our Learning Academy with us. Inspired by her perspective, we seized the opportunity to invite her for an insightful interview to explore her experiences and views on the impact of our educational initiatives.

What role does employee training play in the success of your company?

Ajda Lesjak: "I think that any investment in knowledge, education and training of employees to increase competence is the best investment you can make. New skills or consolidation of existing skills definitely contribute to the self-confidence and competence of colleagues, which also leads to greater and better sales. From our experience, we can say that every investment in education does not always show only economic effects, but a range of other effects, such as employee satisfaction and loyalty."

What specific benefits do you see from your employees participating in PackSynergy's online learning academies and what general benefits does the exchange in the PackSynergy network bring to your company?

Ajda Lesjak: "We see many advantages in participating in Packsynergy's online learning academies and exchange of knowledge within the Packsynergy network: The exchange of good practices, information from markets, ways and models of work, organization... All this keeps us in touch with a far larger and diverse cross-border global area than a company that is limited to only one, local market. Sometimes you don't know who to turn to, because it's the first time you encounter a matter in your industry. Of course, you can't ask your competition for advice, so it's essential that you have business partners all over Europe who may have already encountered a similar situation. Until now, we have always had the feeling that all members of Packsynergy are here with the same purpose - to help each other and expand the business. Whenever we needed some advice, the response was really good, so we are grateful to be part of such a large and successful association."

Thank you Ajda Lesjak for the interesting insights and your honest feedback!

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