I am a (female) successor, I am a mom, I am a partner and I am Aafke. The challenge is to find a good balance between these different roles and focus on the right things at the right time.

PackSynergy Aafke te Focht Eggink Verpakkingen

After our last inspiring interview, we are delighted to be able to introduce another remarkable power woman from our network today: Aafke te Focht. As Manager Operations, she has taken over responsibility at the family business Eggink verpakkingen B.V., following in the footsteps of her predecessors. Her role is not only a sign of strong female leaders, but also of the successful transition and continuity in family businesses.

We had the opportunity to ask Aafke some exciting and in-depth questions around the topic of “women power and succession”. She shares her experiences, challenges and visions for the future. Her insights are not only inspiring, but also offer valuable perspectives for anyone interested in women in leadership positions and the dynamics of succession planning in companies.

We hope you enjoy our interview - be inspired by Aafke's story and her journey to becoming Manager Operations at Eggink verpakkingen B.V.!

As a female successor in a leadership position, you represent a positive step towards gender diversity and equality in our industry. Have you experienced any challenges on your way to becoming a female successor in a leadership position and how did you overcome them?

Aafke te Focht: "I am a (female) successor, I am a mom, I am a partner and I am Aafke. The challenge is to find a good balance between these different roles and focus on the right things at the right time. This varies from being great in managing all to sometimes be overtaken by events. Particularly the latter are the moments I try to continue learning from. I need to step out of my comfort zone to be able to succeed in all roles: sometimes good is good enough, delegate more and try to feel comfortable with the fact that you are (sometimes) feeling uncomfortable.
I’m quite new in this industry and therefore have a lot to learn. Our experienced and knowledgeable colleagues and partners are supporting me in this role. Together with my professional judgement, intuition and gut feeling it helps me finding my way."

Promoting women in management positions is an important focus for many companies. What measures do you recommend to other companies to encourage women to apply for succession positions and successfully step into these positions?

Aafke te Focht: "Diversity is really important and in my opinion it is essential to provide everyone with the possibilities to keep developing themselves, to learn, experience and step out of their comfort zone. It is also important to support women, but also men, in being able to maintain a right balance in work and private life."

Can you give us an insight into your vision for Eggink? How do you see PackSynergy's role in realizing this vision?

Aafke te Focht: "We are a family business, being in the second family (te Focht) for a few years now. We have all fundaments that are essential for a successful family business, but there is a need to take the next step. Renewing and expanding our e-commerce platform is one of them. In addition, we focus more and more on sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.
PackSynergy’ is one of the essential partners providing us a network, knowledge and products in this search to sustainable and innovative solutions.
For me personally it is really valuable to have the opportunity to share challenges, experiences and information with other PackSynergy partners. It is an open culture, where we are all eager to support and help each other in taking the next step."

Thank you Aafke te Focht for this inspiring interview!

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