In this case study, we show how our good standing as a system supplier and our comprehensive advice on machines and consumables have enabled us to develop and implement an individually adapted offer for the Schäflein company and its customers, which can be individually adapted and rolled out for other sectors, areas and needs in the future.

packaging solution and automation



Nowadays, the logistics and transport industry is constantly confronted with new challenges and is subject to constant change. Thus, the topic of packaging planning is also becoming increasingly important in the logistics sector. Packaging planning deals with the realisation of solutions for packaging and packaging aids with regard to economic efficiency, ergonomics, climate compatibility as well as quality. Optimally packaging goods for storage, internal material flow or dispatch costs time and money. Increasing standardisation, automation and optimised, efficient packaging thus represent a competitive advantage over competitors and can improve one's own position in the market.

Schäflein, a state-of-the-art logistics company from Röthlein with around 2,000 employees, was looking for just such a solution: Schäflein built a logistics centre with a fully automated, robot-guided small parts warehouse (Autostore) for one of its customers at its location in Röthlein, which the company wanted to equip with automated, standardised and ergonomic packing processes. Thanks to our many years of cooperation and our good position as a system supplier, Schäflein turned to us to implement the project.

The task of HORNA GmbH Verpackungen was to create and implement a fully comprehensive concept that would meet the requirements of Schäflein and its customers. Our packaging experts created a highly efficient and ergonomic packing process - in line with the principle of "everything from a single source".






Holistic, highly efficient and ergonomic packing process for fully automated, robot-guided small parts warehouse.




Implementation of height-adjustable packing tables, automated paper padding systems and fully automated pallet and parcel strapping machines.




Increase in process reliability, relief of employees and increase in productivity.

In the initial phase, the client's requirements for the products to be packaged had to be determined in order to develop an overall concept and ensure an optimal packaging process: In what way are products handled? Which packaging materials are needed? What are the space requirements on site? What are the requirements for the packing stations? - And much more. 

To this end, a workshop was held with the customer to define the necessary parameters.

As a system supplier, we take on every challenge and were also able to prove our optimal, as well as individually adapted, consulting and planning in this project. All processes - from planning and implementation to ongoing project support - were and continue to be personally controlled by two permanent contacts in our team. In this way, everything could and can run smoothly and automatically.



Different approaches, possibilities as well as 2D and 3D animations (e.g. B+, conveyor technology, packing tables, etc.) were examined and developed in cooperation with various HORNA manufacturers and presented and comprehensively explained in a consultation meeting. The aim of approaching the various solutions was to understand the customer's precise needs and to be able to create a complete information portfolio for further project planning, in order to be able to provide an optimally suitable packing process for the customer in the end. A high degree of flexibility was required, especially in the early start-up phase, which was characterised by uncertainties. The plans made in phase 1 "Overcoming Challenges" had to be adapted again and again. The advantage of the mature elaboration of our team was that initially developed ideas could be taken up again during the later course of the project.

packaging solution, packaging table
packaging solution, packaging table



Through close customer involvement throughout the process, we were able to develop an individual and sustainable solution for the relevant packaging requirements. These include, for example, height-adjustable packing tables designed for ergonomics, paper padding systems with a high degree of automation, and fully automated pallet and parcel strapping machines, which we were able to implement for the first time in this setup. Thus, this was also a new and enriching experience for us.

The implementation of the holistic packing process, consisting of manual as well as automated process steps, ensures a fast, safe, sustainable and efficient workflow with less workload at the same time. Employees are relieved through ergonomic workplace design, which increases the long-term well-being of the employees and thus also the efficiency of the work process and reduces the time required for the packing process. Fixed contact persons or project managers ensure fast and expert service and project progress, not only throughout the entire implementation process, but also beyond. As a system supplier, we continuously supply Schäflein with all packaging materials and consumables required in the ongoing packaging process.




✔ Thanks to the personal, intensive advice and support, packaging costs could be reduced and the time of the packaging process minimised.

✔ The project serves as a showcase that can be rolled out more widely for future Schäflein locations, as well as for other interested parties, according to the copy-paste principle.

✔ Ergonomically designed packing tables ensure good and ergonomic workplaces in the long term, in line with today's requirements.

✔ Automation accelerates processes and work steps to a high degree, while at the same time reducing the workload.

✔ The combination of manual and automated processes saves time, increases process reliability and reduces the workload of employees.

✔ Increased productivity and efficiency.

✔ One face to the customer: fixed contact persons and project managers ensure fast and competent service and project execution.

✔ Personal and intensive advice and support from HORNA in all process steps.





 ✔ Initial, discarded ideas are used for later projects for Schäflein's Autostore.

 ✔ Supply of further locations of the 3PL supplier Schäflein according to the copy-paste principle.

 ✔ Potential for increasing our packaging lines.

 ✔ Showcase project or pilot project.

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For our customers we are consultants, process optimisers and above all - a strong, reliable partner! Because with our many years of experience and good networking, it is possible for us to apply cross-process know-how in order to achieve the greatest customer benefit as well as the best customer satisfaction. Because your success is our success!

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