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Embamat is the packaging services company offering experienced consulting and specialized engineering in industrial packaging. As a reputable packaging specialist furthermore picking and packing outsourcing, the design, manufacture and commercializing of packaging products and systems are their strengths.

To do this, Embamat uses the talent and technology to create packaging solutions for each individual need, thus achieving a global and personalized service for their clients



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The design, manufacture and their industrial packaging service, added to the commercializing of packaging systems and materials, makes them a benchmark in the packaging sector in Spain.

The commitment is focused on offering solutions to any need, improving the customer's packing and picking processes to achieve their objective.

The experience of 85 years in the packaging market has led to more than 1,500 companies relying on Embamat as their main supplier of industrial packaging products and services.


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Embamat advises clients efficiently in decision-making in all industrial packaging and logistics processes, achieving a global cost reduction through different case studies.

Packaging materials and systems

Embamat has one of the largest stocks on the market with a wide variety of material for packaging and accessories, with more than 2,000 items.

Each type of product and material needs a different type of packaging, so according to particular needs Embamat can offer both a personalized design and standardized products.



Embamat is a pioneer in incorporating a quality management system within the organization, adapting to new trends in the sector.

Since 1998, the company has a Total Quality System (TQM) integrated into global management according to ISO 9001: 2015. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and the satisfaction of clients through risk and opportunity management.

The integration of a management system based on continuous improvement offers added value to clients, promoting development and Embamat’s evolution in the market.

Environmental management is also one of Embamat's commitments. Embamat already began to commit to the environment in 2005, with the implementation of the ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Today it is being reinforced. “We have included this type of action as part of the company's strategic plan. We do not understand a future without respecting the environment”, assures Esteve Amat. "Our goal, shared by all members of the European Packsynergy association, is to achieve a zero-carbon footprint".

With 85 years of experience, Embamat is the leader for industrial packaging in Catalonia, Spain. Currently more than 1,500 clients from multiple sectors trust them, and it has more than 70 employees dedicated to the different strategic lines in its facilities, which occupy 17,000 m2 dedicated exclusively to packaging.

Its global packaging service differentiates and positions Embamat as a leading company, with three main lines of business: the manufacture and design of industrial packaging, the commercializing of packaging products and systems, and industrial services that reinforce and optimize all of the above.

Their experience in the market, the constant commitment to innovation and the efficiency with which they develop each project, make Embamat a highly valued partner in industrial packaging in Spain.


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08227 Terrassa – Barcelona

Email: info@embamat.com

Tel: +34 937 360 660
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Esteve Amat
CEO Embamat

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